P.O.S - Ipecac Neat

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The debut album from P.O.S., Ipecac Neat fuses together the angst, sincerity and spirit of Punk with the bass, wit and lyricism of underground Hip Hop.

Track Listing:

  1. Gimme Gimme Gunshots
  2. Meth-Heads Vs. McNugget
  3. Hunger Pains Three [Featuring] Crescent Moon
  4. Thatone
  5. Sarah Silverman
  6. Music For Shoplifting
  7. Kicking Knowledge In The Face
  8. Ants [Featuring] Toki Wright
  9. Kidney Thief
  10. Little Kids
  11. I Play The Matador (Redo)
  12. Lifetime...Kid Dynamite [Featuring] Sims
  13. (Untitled)
  14. Dead Music [Featuring] Crescent Moon
  15. Duct Tape
  16. I Play The Matador (Original Redo) [Featuring] I Self Devine