Step Brothers - Lay Some Treats On Us (Digital)

There’s a science to Alchemist & Evidence naming themselves Stepbrothers, as the two literally grew up together, and along with a storied friendship, the two have also been sharing their musical collaborations with the world for over 20 years now. But, their joint Hip Hop efforts date back even further than that. That said, after decades of their ongoing collaborations, the two have indeed long found a chemistry, which can be witnessed in their first full-length project, the Step Brothers’ Lord Steppington from 2014.

In promoting Lord Steppington, Alchemist and Ev shared stories about the recording process for the album, and those stories reveal the relaxed and natural element that brought these songs to life. As one might expect, in such a fertile ground for creativity there’s bound to be some additional treats laying around that don’t make the official album. Recorded during the same sessions as the album back in 2014, “Lay Some Treats On Us” is one such case. Finally released, please enjoy this Alchemist-produced track, a treat from us to you, in celebration of the anniversary of Lord Steppington.

Read more about these two friends’ history together, as well as how the fitting Step Brothers moniker came to be, on their artist page: